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Organization: UNOPS


Project Support Officer

Job categories: Administration, Engineering, Finance, Project Management

Vacancy code: VA/2018/B5516/15740

Department/office: AR, NPOH, Nepal

Duty station: Kathmandu, Nepal

Contract type: Local ICA Specialist

Contract level:  LICA Specialist-10

Duration: 1 year initially with a possibility of extension

Application period: 12-Jun-2018 to 26-Jun-2018

Applications to vacancies must be received before midnight Copenhagen time (CET) on the closing date of the announcement.

Background Information – Job-specific

UNOPS’ work in Asia Region focuses on the construction and operation of high quality sustainable infrastructure and sustainable procurement, project management, timely provision of services, and the use of most relevant technologies. Such projects provide social and economic benefits to vulnerable populations across the country, and contribute to poverty eradication. This includes construction of schools, hospitals, water networks, urban sewerage and drainage facilities, harbours and anchorages, waste management facilities, climate change mitigation, as well as a range of “soft” support in capacity building, operations and maintenance of public assets, local governance, etc.

DFID funded Integrated Programme for Strengthening Security and Justice in Nepal (IP-SSJ)

The Department for International Development (DFID) through its Operational Plan is committed to support Nepal in its efforts to ensure communities can live in safety and security. Nepal’s own commitments in this area are particularly enhanced by the National Human Rights Action Plan (2011-2014), and, of special interest to the UK, the National Plan of Action Against Gender-Based Violence.

DFID’s proposed IP aims to improve security and access to justice for poor and traditionally excluded people, especially women and girls. It has been designed on the basis of extensive analysis that is set out in the DFID ‘Security and Justice for the Poor’ (SJ4P) Business Case.

The IP is a major initiative coordinated by a Board convened by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) of the Government of Nepal (GoN) that aims to ensure inter-related initiatives are mutually reinforcing, notably on the Government and UK priority of tackling Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

The overall programme approach involves interlocking elements of;

a) community-level awareness-raising about laws and services, and the facilitation of dialogue with state institutions;

b) modernised and context-specific facilities and equipment for better public service delivery by state institutions and;

c) improved institutional systems of resource utilisation, performance management and oversight.

The overall programme will be holistic across hard (facilities and equipment – F&E) and soft (capacity and skills development, police-public partnerships, community awareness-raising and social development etc.) elements. Institutional beneficiaries (Nepal Police and targeted state/non state organisations) will be able to better serve communities who will have a greater access to, and awareness of, the services proposed. Long term results will center on the security and access to justice experienced, and perceived, by the poor and traditionally excluded, through improved delivery of service to the communities, increased level of awareness of services offered and thereby improved access. Disaster resilience and climate change considerations will also be cross-cutting priorities across the project investments.

About the Modernisation and Improvement of Policing Project

Under this programme, UNOPS is to implement support to the component: Modernization and Improvement of Policing Project (MIPP). The MIPP is primarily focused on the Nepal Police (NP), but will likely also encompass some related security and justice services in the targeted district. The MIPP will modernize, tailor and help sustain high quality service delivery through improved infrastructures and systems of resource utilization, performance management and oversight. The elements would be to:

a) Identify and prioritize F&E required for improved public service delivery for access to justice in approximately 25 districts determined by GoN in collaboration with DFID;

b) Procure building refurbishment, civil works, specialized and non-specialized equipment and supplies;

c) Procure forensic equipment for the central laboratory;

d) Implement the construction, O&M plans;

e) Provide technical advisory services related to performance management, improvement and oversight.

The project will be implemented over a 4 year period, through three operational segments, in up to 25-28 districts. It is envisaged that, in the latter part of the project, implementation will be handed over to the GoN with UNOPS taking on a technical advisory role.
The primary focus will be units of the Nepal Police, but complementary work would deliver public-facing improvements to justice-related services provided by District Administration Office, Women and Children Development Offices and, conceivably prisons.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment

The Project Support Officer will work under the guidance and supervision of the Project Manager and report to the same. S/He shall provide support to the delivery of projects in the areas of, finance, procurement and contracts management and HR. The incumbent will be responsible for day to day management of project activities in the absence of the Project Manager.

Functional Responsibilities

1. Project implementation

• Preparation and maintenance of project files, including internal and external project reports.
• Manage information flows and oversee change controls, risk registers and issue management by establishing document control procedures
• Manage assigned delivery of work packages and take responsibility for progress.
• Coordinate and liaise with the Project Manager on the implementation progress.
• Advise the Project Manager of any deviations from the plan and update plans.
• Work with Project manager to identify and manage risks.

2. Financial and procurement management

• Maintain all supporting project financial documents for audit and review processes.
• Ensure accurate data entry into UNOPS ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
• Monitor project budget and financial expenditure and all administrative procedures in line with the work-plan.
• Process direct payments and advance requests and prepare project budget revisions.
• Produce financial reports; including developing financial monitoring and reporting formats as per UNOPS requirements.
• Support the Project Manager by monitoring budgets, cash flow and reporting on expense obligations to ensure that deliverables are met.
• Alert the Project Manager or any financial shortfalls and over-expenditures.
• Propose budget revision and initiate corrective action when necessary.
• Coordinate vendor communications, meetings, and reports as necessary.
• Project monitoring and reporting
• Provide substantive inputs to assist the Project Manager in the preparation of project reports and documents.
• Maintain records of project files and other supporting documents.
• Maintain the following records: Quality Register, Configuration Item Records and all other registers/logs delegated by the Project Manager.
• Support the Project Manager in maintaining the following:
i. Electronic Blue File,
ii. Procurement, HR and Finance files as required by Organizational Directive (OD) 12.
• Manage the compilation, consolidation and analysis of relevant data of the mission.
• Assist the Project Manager in the preparation of project completion reports and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

3. Stakeholder management, coordination and liaison

• Support the coordination and management of communications.
• Liaise and build relationships with other United Nations (UN) agencies and international non-governmental organizations (I/NGOs) for the purposes of facilitating activities and improving the quality and relevance of information analysis.
• Participate in meetings with UN agencies, NGO’s and other Stakeholders as required.

4. Knowledge management and innovation

• Support the compilation of lessons learned as per defined reporting format.
• Ensure that Local capacities are built at every level and opportunity for Project Support.
• Contribute to the dissemination and sharing of best practices and lessons learned for planning and knowledge building.
• Contribute to expertise in tools and techniques.

The Project Support Officer directly impacts on achievement of project results by assisting the Project Manager to adhere to project management methods and strategies, reduced risks, cut costs and improved success rates. This consequently reinforces the visibility and image of UNOPS as an effective service provider in project services and management and strengthens its competitive position as a partner of choice in sustainable development and project services.

Education/Experience/Language requirements


• A Master’s Degree in a relevant field (e.g. Business Administration, Logistics, Engineering, International Relations, Finance).
• A combination of Bachelor’s degree with an additional 2 years of relevant work experience may be accepted in lieu of a Master’s Degree.


• A minimum of 5 years progressive professional experience specifically in the field of Project Management with focus on monitoring, reporting, development and coordination is required.
• Experience in Operations Management is desirable.
• Experience and demonstrated knowledge of UN rules and procedures in Procurement, Finance, HR Management and administrative rules and regulations will be an advantage.


• Proficiency in English in Nepali is essential.

Last date to apply: 26 June 2018


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